Frequently Asked Questions

An instant criminal search uses various databases. These can be compiled from county and state agencies. An instant state criminal search, may combine different databases such as county court data, inmate data, and sex offender data. The data by nature is not current, there is always a delay between when a suspect is charged or a ruling on a case has been concluded and when the data is actually reported for data collection. Certain states have limited types of data available. We suggest using a County Criminal Search to augment an instant search.

Instant criminal searches are only as accurate as the data fed into them. Many states have limited information available. For example: A applicant may have a criminal misdemeanor case that is not uploaded into a state database. A hands on county search would report this. We always show you what information each state has available and how often they are updated.


  • An Instant Criminal Search will be instant and generally cover a wider area (statewide or national). A County Court Criminal Search will only search data available in a specific county. These generally take 24 to 48 hours to return results. A County Court Criminal Search has the most current information from the courts system.


always suggest running a County Criminal along with any Instant Criminal. We realize that there are time and costs issues that may not always make this feasible. For example a Application for an apartment may need an approval immediately with minimal cost. In this situation we would suggest reviewing what data is available in the Instant Criminal search and determining if this suffices. A county criminal may be more effective in states that have limited data available instantly. If this is for a employment application you may have a little more time to make a decision and can wait 24 to 48 hours for the results.

We allow you to enter the county that you would like us to search. If left blank we will search the county associated with the applicant address. You may want to run our SSN trace report which will return the name attached to this ssn and the last 7 years of addresses. If these addresses are in different counties you may want to run a search in each.

This searches records held by the Federal district courts. Federal criminal records show cases involving federal crimes such as mail fraud, interstate drug trafficking, civil rights violations, etc. As a rule fo thumb most cases that you know of from your local news are not federal cases, but rather cases that are filed at the county court level.

Cases filed in Federal Court will not appear in either a Instant Criminal Search or County Court Criminal Search.

Yes, we have an online order and retrieval system available 24/7. We offer mutliple user log ins and sub accounts for multiple locations or departments. Users can track orders through our system and will receive an email when a report is completed. We also offer a No Account Needed option through phone orders. This system will allow you to place an order, pay with credit card and receive results in your email within minutes

We are open 9 to 5 pm Monday through Friday. However, we are on call for support on weekends through our voice mail system. Our online system is available 24/7 so all instant searches can be completed on weekends.

We invoice at the end of the month for services used. Most business customers use a credit card on file which is automatically charged. NET 30 terms are available with pay by check. You can choose to receive your invoice by mail or via email PDF. Individual orders can be processed over the phone using credit card, pre paid card, checking account or via paypal.

First you will need to qualify to receive credit reports. The three major retail credit bureaus have set up new and more stringent guidelines for individuals who wish to purchase credit reports from screening companies. The new requirements are intended to help combat credit fraud and identity theft. These new strict guidelines state that any one obtaining credit report information must have a valid business and a true business identity. On-site inspections must also be completed by a third party inspector to prove the businesses identity and the purpose for receiving credit report information. To find out if you qualify, please contact customer service at 1-866-647-3463.

It depends. It will range depending on different factors and individual physiology. Certain drug tests will find drug traces up to 90 days after use. We suggest this wikipedia link for a more specific chart.