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Are you looking to garnish wages on a judgment but do not know where the individual works? We can help. Do you have:

  • A judgment for an eviction, past rent or damages against a former tenant?

  • A monetary civil judgment you would like to collect?

  • Child support you would like to collect?

Even if the monetary judgment is old, this service has been tested and has been proven to be 95% effective in finding employment records.


1. CLICK on the button below to start your order.

2. Enter information on your applicant

3. Pay $175 by credit card or paypal. (ONLY $45 if no record is found)

You will receive an email with your report within 3 - 10 days.

There is a $45 nonrefundable search fee included in the $175 Employer Search payment. If no employment record is found, then the remaining $130 will be automatically credited back to your credit card.

Having a monetary judgment on a individual is useless without actually collecting the money. Let us help you collect the money you deserve. By using our service you can notify the court exactly where to begin garnishment of wages. Just take the Employment Locate Report directly to the court.

If you have questions: CALL 1-866-647-3463