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Education/Degree Verification

Management Information Services

Management Information Services provides affordable Education Verification Services for your small or large business.

One of the most common areas of resume fraud occurs in the embellishment of the applicant’s education. In today’s changing economy, more positions require advanced skills, degrees and experience. Complete an Education Verification on your applicant using our online system. Receive your first report FREE! Click here for more information.

Management Information Services

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A 2001 survey of more than 7,000 applicants for executive positions, it was found that 23 percent misrepresented personal information. Of those who misrepresented information, 71 percent lied about length of service, 64 percent lied about accomplishments, 60 percent exaggerated managerial experience, 52 percent identified mere attendance at college as a degree, 48 percent overstated job responsibilities, and 41 percent omitted negative employment experiences

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Instant State Criminal Reports Landlord Verification Eviction Data Report
Instant National Criminal Employment Verification Drug Testing
Federal Criminal Report Education Verification Drivers Record Report

Tenant Screening

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Education Verifications

$20 Education Verfication

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